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Kantara (2022)


Kantara (2022)

Movie : Kantara (2022)

Director : Rishab Shetty

Starring : Rishab Shetty , Kishore , Achyuth 

Genres : Action, Drama, Thriller

Language : Tamil

Rating : 9.5/10

Release Date : 30 October 2022 

Kantara (2022)
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Kantara (2022) Movie Story 

Kantara was a story goes around a village in the forest in 1847. There is a custom in that village that God would direct the village elder for the welfare of the village. Generations pass in that order. The period of 1990s comes. The elder of the village is greedy for the land of the villagers. He wants to grab all the lands of the poor people. The person who comes to the fore is the father of our hero Shiva.