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Vattam (2022)


Vattam (2022)

Movie : Vattam (2022) 

Director : Kamalakannan

Starring : Sibiraj, Andrea Jeremiah  

Genres : Drama

Language : Tamil

Rating : 5.1/10

Release Date : 29 July 2022 

Vattam (2022)
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Vikrant Rona (2022) Movie Story 

Vattam 2022 is a Tamil action and drama movie directed by Kamalakannan . Caste on this movie are :- Sibi Sathyaraj and Andrea Jeremiah. The movie is initially released on 29 July 2022. Vattam is released in Tamil language from India to the world.

Mano is a  thief meets a beautiful girl Parvathi who is searching for the man she fall in love with Mano but mano sell a necklace he stole from Parvathi. The thief offers to help her but ends up falling in love with her. Did you know that what is meaning of Vattam means life of circle . What you do it's come back to you . Vattam opens with a bunch of friends plotting to kidnap the only deaf and mute son of their boss, who fired them. In parallel, you get to know more about Mano (Sibi Sathyaraj), Parvathi (Andrea Jeremiah), and her husband Gautham (Vamsi Krishna). In the beginning, Vattam is a bit erratic.