How to delete Google account and Gmail account in 2019

How to delete Google account and Gmail account easy steps in 2019

Hello Internet users today i am going to share something about how you can delete your google and gmail account in easy steps

Maybe you have a lots of gmail account and you want to delete once. If you want to delete your gmail account your are the right place 

warning of deleteing Gmail Account

Once you deleting your gmail account permanent you don't have longer receive mail and not send mails to others.

After deleting gmail account that's not means you delete your google account. You can access others google services like YouTube , Google drive , google photo's and more

How to deleted your Gmail account permanent 


Step 1. Go to your google account 

Step 2. Then click on the Data & personalisation

Step 3. Then click on the Delete a service or your account

Step 4. Enter your password to delete your gamil account.

Step 5. Then google provide 2 options

1. Delete YouTube account

2. Delete Gmail account

You click on the 2 option delete Gmail account

Step 6. Google send varfiction mail on your email address

Step 7 . when you varfiy you account then you can delete your gmail account

Note - after delteing your gmail account permanently this process is not reversible

You want to forgot your google account password follow these steps to delete your gmail account 😍

Step 1. Click on the forgot password

Step 2. Enter your last password. If you forgot you google account last password then click on the try another way 

Step 3. Google send varfication code in your gmail id. Or if you want verify your google account by your phone number then click on the try another way 

Note - google send varificatin code in your phone number copy this code and past in your google account to verify you account.

How to delete Google account permanent 

After deleting your google account permanent you lost data in your google deive , google photos and password saved in google account and other all google services like YouTube , google play , google fiber and more

If you have a youtube channel or blog in your google account rethinking about deleting your google account 

And you lost all your email and photos and documents in your google account. 

Note - after deleting your google account permanently you can't open your google account again. Because this process is  inreversible. So i hope you rethinking about deleting your google account. 

Step 1. Go your google account  by google chrome browser 

Step 2. Click on the Data & personalisation to delete your google account 

Step 3. Click on the Delete a service or your account

Step 4. Then click on the delete your google account 

Step 5. Enter your google password to delete account 

Step 6. Then click on the both boxes then click on the delete account 

Step 7. Congrates your google account permanently deleted and all google services link with your google account all are permanently deleted 

Thanks have a nice day 😍

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