how to delete facebook message from aap and messenger in 2019

how to delete facebook message in website and aap in 2019

Hello friends today i am going to share something about how to delete Facebook message in Facebook lite and Facebook messenger. If you finding these question answer on the Internet you are the right place. 

When i started Facebook in 2016 there is no special feature avalible to delete Facebook message from both parties. Thanks to Facebook new update 

In this new update you can delete Facebook message from both parties same like as WhatsApp and Instagram

Delete message from Facebook lite aap 

If you don't use Facebook lite aap. This is awsome aap made by Facebook to chat 

The size of this aap is 2 MB in this aap there are lots of features like chat , emoji , whatever you see in Facebook messanger everything present in this aap  

Step 1. Login your Facebook aap lite

Step 2. Click on the messenger icon top middle on the Facebook aap lite 

Step 3. Select your conversation which you want to permantly delete 

Step 4. Press and Hold message for the 2 second then click on delete button 

Delete Facebook message from the messager aap 

Step 1. I hope you already installing Facebook message aap in your phone or any android or ios device. If you don't 

Go to playstore or apple store then download the messager aap 

Step 2 . login your messager aap to delete your messages 

Step 3. Go to your conversation then select which message you want to delete 

Step 4. Press and hold message for the 2 second then you have 2 options 

Remove for yourself - message delete from only your phone not othres , 

Remove for Everyone
- message delete from both parties 

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